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Artist Cassandria Blackmore in her studio
Art apen 2018.jpg
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund
September  2015

Cassandria Blackmore Co-Hosts The 3-for-100 Campaign at her San Francisco Studios at 1906 Fillmore.  The funds raised will help to provide fast, direct and compassionate financial intervention to patients in need.

ArtCrush Aspen
July 2015


ArtCrush is the major fundraising event benefiting the Aspen Art Museum and Aspen’s premier summer gala.  Cassandria Blackmore's "Ceto Proserpina", 40"h x 40"w will be auctionioned along with other renowned artists' work.


Event Chair: 

Amy Phelan

Presented by: 
Sponsored by: 
Dom Pérignon and Southern Wine and Spirits 


Additional Support:

Baldwin Gallery
Casterline | Goodman Gallery

David Swirner

R & Company

Vito Schnabel


Turner on LSD

James Yood November 2014


"I’m hooked!  The sensual allure of color, the hint of nature (a bit of a glorious sunset?), the sudden drama encased in such a relatively small work, and the sheer exulting brio of this from start to finish, all this and more makes it a wondrous work.  Back painted on glass and then shattered and reconstructed, this one’s like J. M. W. Turner on LSD, an immersion into such wonderful pink/violets and red/oranges that it becomes a complete cosmos in less than 4 square feet.  Hammer away!"


                                                                                    —James Yood

Crocker Art Museum Permanent Collection


The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento aquires Cassandria Blackmore's "Blue Kapnos L Triptych" for permanent Collection featuring the work of Californian painters.    Cassandria Blackmore was born in San Dieigo, CA in 1968

Interview with ArtZone Seattle

Figurative and abstract painter Cassandria Blackmore invites us into her studio to talk about the glass shattering process that defines her work.


Produced by Ralph Bevins.

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